10 Tips to Keep Your Brand Reputation Good

10 Tips to Keep Your Brand Reputation Good

Media Intelligence: 10 Tips to Keep Your Brand Reputation Good


When you say you’ll do something, follow through. This may seem self-evident but consider this. How many times has a banker promised to send you something, an assistant promised to pick something up, or a vendor promised to call you back and then failed to do so?

You have to follow up on these instances personally, and they lose credibility. Consider a time when someone promised to do something and then followed through. When someone has this tendency, it sticks out, and you regard them as trustworthy and dependable people in whom you can put your trust. 

For example, you’d probably offer someone like that a solid recommendation. Make every effort to be that person. 

Assist others in achieving their objectives


Your reputation entails more than just looking out for yourself and your own best interests. Develop a mindset of service to others. Offer to talk to a friend’s child in college who is interested in learning about the business world for a time, answer their questions, and give advice. 

If you know someone who works in sales and is looking for a good bargain, see if you can assist them by making an excellent introduction.

Attempt to make others appear good.

Everyone has been put under the bus at some point in their lives, and it’s never fun. Finding ways to make individuals appear gorgeous is a fantastic notion. If a friend refers you to a company as a customer or even for a job, make sure to thank them in some way by making them appear good.

 Always remember to be early, be prepared, and communicate as quickly as possible with both sides. If you make the person who introduced you appear good, your reputation will rise.

Always go above and beyond what has been requested or expected


Offer three references if someone asks for one. If you say you’ll save someone 10%, save them 15%. If you say you’ll follow up in 24 hours, you should follow up in 12. Send handwritten thank-you notes and similar correspondence. A modest gesture that demonstrates your concern can go a long way and improve your reputation.

Impressions of the Company on Paper


It’s critical to make the correct impression on paper for your company, which means presenting it in the most professional manner possible. Having a corporate office in a central area, or appearing to be in a central position, a great website, a well-curated social media presence, and ensuring all business-related content is skillfully done gives your firm the right impression.

Present yourself in the manner in which you want to be perceived.


First impressions are crucial for your reputation, but they are frequently devalued and disregarded. You will be judged before you open your mouth, whether you like it or not, so dress appropriately for the situation. If you’re not sure about the dress code, err on the side of being overly dressed.

 Make sure your clothes are well-fitting, clean, wrinkle-free, and current. It’s also crucial to seem well-groomed and make sure your accessories or makeup aren’t too distracting. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to impress because you’re not dressed appropriately. Here are some helpful hints on how to showcase your company.

Keep an eye on your body language at all times.

Others can deduce a lot from it. Face your audience with your feet aimed towards them and a tall, confident attitude when speaking in public. When you want to demonstrate agreement, nod your head, lean into the person you’re talking to, and smile now and then.

Maintain Consistency


If you’re not true to yourself, you’ll find it challenging to maintain consistency, which will never lead to a positive reputation. Show off your good characteristics to everyone you meet, even if you’re having a poor day. 

Your reputation will suffer if you are excellent in one context but rude or chilly in another. People are far more likely to report unpleasant experiences than positive ones, and this type of information spreads quickly.

Act with Honesty


Regardless of what you’re doing, make sure you do it. Even a minor act of selfishness, greed, or jealousy, especially in the business world, can have a significant negative impact, displaying a lack of integrity – and you might not even recognise it.

 If you wouldn’t buy what you’re selling, don’t put it on the market. If you know you won’t be able to respond to someone, don’t commit. The value of acting with integrity is discussed in this essay about making things other than money.

Participate in the Communities


A community might be as small as a single office or as large as a city. Your goals and ideas should be reflected in your engagement. Giving your time and resources, getting to know others, and being generally available to them are all engaging examples.

Make yourself likeable


This is strongly related to being oneself. Smile more, approach strangers, extend handshakes, and express congratulations. Small gestures like this can make you a lot more likeable – make sure you’re not a fraud and don’t change who you are only to please others.
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