How to Regain Customer Trust After a Negative Experience

How to Regain Customer Trust After a Negative Experience

Media Intelligence: How to Regain Customer Trust After a Negative Experience



Your company can no longer ignore a terrible client experience. You may choose to overlook less-than-perfect brand encounters, but your customers will not!


 They’ll complain about poor customer service on Facebook, Twitter, and even in a blog post. We also can’t prohibit people from leaving bad ratings.



Even if you have a consumer dissatisfied with the CX they received, there is always a silver lining that can salvage your brand. According to a study conducted by Applied Marketing Science and Twitter, a resolved bad tweet has 3x the income potential of a positive tweet. 


That implies you can, and should, reclaim their trust. You must be proactive in knowing what customers are saying about your brand and use insights to inform your customer experience strategy to turn things around successfully.



You may boost the likelihood of increased conversions while still protecting the integrity of your organisation by implementing inventive CX techniques to retain clients. So, how can we reclaim your business?



Encourage Customer Feedback 


One of the most effective methods to initiate a conversation with your brand is to ask questions. What caused the customer’s dissatisfaction with your service?


 Find out what went wrong ahead of time so you can ask the right questions. An unfavourable client experience is significantly more likely to be discussed than a pleasant one. 


Studies show that if we have a negative customer experience, we will tell 8-10 people, and if we have an outstanding customer experience, we will only tell 2-3 people. 


As a result, disgruntled customers are more inclined to provide you with all the information you require. Allowing a customer to express themselves may be enough to encourage them to return.



Improve Your Customer Service


Monitoring the media can assist you in obtaining high-quality input. These authentic viewpoints aid in the improvement of business foundations by recognising and addressing factors that affect customer experience. 


One of the best methods to cope with disgruntled consumers is to constantly adjust to poorly performing aspects of your business and customer experience plan. 


Use media monitoring to stay on top of brand mentions; this will allow you to identify customer pain points and areas where your business/ customer experience may be enhanced. It’s a good idea to let your consumers know about these modifications, so they know you value their input.



Create a campaign


If a wave of negativity has hit your business, it’s a good idea to re-establish value for your customers.


 An excellent method to achieve this is to launch a marketing campaign around the modifications you’ve made in the hopes of generating favourable feedback.


 Storytelling is a fantastic technique to increase engagement. We strongly advise you to demonstrate that you’ve gone above and beyond to gratify your customers.

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