Marketing on Twitter in 2021

Marketing on Twitter in 2021

Media Intelligence: Marketing on Twitter in 2021


Twitter is attempting to stay relevant by introducing several new features that have previously proven successful in competing for social networking platforms. Incorporate the following into your Twitter marketing to stay ahead of the curve.



Their version of Instagram Stories, dubbed “Fleets,” was beta-tested in early 2020 and will be released worldwide in November 2020. They appear as a row of circles at the top of the Twitter homepage and disappear after 24 hours, just like Insta Stories. 

They can’t be retweeted right now, but you may DM (direct message) a “Fleet” to anyone you follow.

Twitter Account for Businesses


Twitter is now experimenting with a new business-oriented profile. Oddly, Twitter has taken so long to make this move, given that all of the main platforms have long offered corporate profiles, which often include comprehensive analytics and advertising options.

An automatic ‘verified’ checkmark (which you now have to apply for), a business category, and an enlarged ‘About’ part in your bio that can include a location map, contact button, and more will be available for business accounts on Twitter.



Twitter also launched “Spaces” in 2020, which is essentially their version of Instagram Live. 

When you go Live with Spaces on Twitter, your profile photo will appear in front of the Fleet line at the top of the homepage with a purple backdrop. For the duration of your Live session, it will remain purple.

 People can then join your Space and interact with it by using emojis or leaving comments.

Goodby to Cropped Photographs


The hashtag #RIPTwitterCrop was trending just a few weeks ago. Why? Twitter has removed the picture size restriction (horizontal 1,024×512 pixels), allowing vertical photos to completely display in-stream. (Please keep in mind that this update is only visible on mobile Tweets.) On the desktop, images will still be cropped).

Who is your target audience?


Before you go all-in on Twitter marketing, make sure two things: a) that enough of your target demographic is on the platform, and b) that you know who they are. Effective marketing requires talking to the right people at the appropriate time.

Twitter users are mostly in their forties and fifties. Around 63 percent of all Twitter users are between the ages of 35 and 65 around the world.
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