Media Intelligence: 10 Organic Ways to Increase YouTube Channel Subscribers

Media Intelligence: 10 Organic Ways to Increase YouTube Channel Subscribers

Media Intelligence: 10 Organic Ways to Increase YouTube Channel Subscribers

You’ve launched your YouTube channel, perhaps placed some advertisements, and devised a comprehensive YouTube marketing strategy, but there’s one snag. Your subscription base isn’t increasing. Your mother, cousins, coworkers, and friends have all subscribed, but they aren’t watching your videos, and you need to 10x the views you’re getting to convince the C-suite of YouTube’s value.

It’s not easy to convert YouTube views into subscribers. Let’s get started there. In essence, you’ll need a devoted audience, and you’ll need to keep providing high-quality, relevant, and entertaining content for them before they decide to subscribe.

You’ll undoubtedly receive a few YouTube subscribers from those who are already aware of your company and will subscribe without hesitation. However, if you want to develop by a factor of ten, you can’t rely on this.

We’ve put up a list of 10 simple ways to increase YouTube subscribers and engagement:

What Is the Importance of YouTube Subscribers?

You can contact more individuals regularly if you have more subscribers on YouTube, especially if they have notifications switched on. Subscribers are long-term followers rather than casual watchers; they’ve probably seen a few videos and found your work to be so relevant to their interests and values that they choose to reward you by clicking “Subscribe.”

Keeping track of which videos gain the most subscribers over time can give you valuable information into what type of material you should make more of and what content is less likely to expand your subscriber base.

Subscribers to YouTube channels have access to a feed where they can conveniently access all of their subscriptions. This tab displays all of your recently submitted videos, so pay attention to your thumbnails and video titles to stand out, as we’ll discuss below.

Maintain a Content Calendar

Make a posting schedule so that your subscribers and viewers know when new content will be available. This also aids in keeping your crew on track when it comes to filming and editing!

It’s beneficial to post frequently in the beginning. Aim for twice a week as a goal. You can get away with it a little if you prepare a lot of content before opening your channel – have a month or two’s worth of videos ready to frontload while you work on content for the next few months. Having a lot of content ready is also beneficial for incorporating video sharing into your general social calendar.

Another consideration when writing frequently is that, while subscribers love regularity, you don’t want them to become bored. As a result, consider filming several different series, each focusing on a different subject.

Make a trailer for your channel

A channel trailer is intended to provide visitors with a quick overview of your channel’s content. Your brand’s trailer should reflect your ideals and, in some way, represent your goods. Whether it’s software, t-shirts, or painting supplies, there’s a market for everything.

A description is included with each trailer. Use this section to describe not only the video but also your channel and what viewers may expect from it.

When people visit your channel, the trailer immediately starts playing, so pay attention to the initial 3-10 seconds: music, sound, conversation, and editing will all influence how quickly they bounce or decide to watch more of your videos.

Create high-definition YouTube videos

Your videos don’t have to be Academy Award winners. There is no more to say. They must, nevertheless, maintain a professional demeanour. Pay close attention to the lighting and sound in particular. Amateur and professional YouTube creators are generally differentiated by these two factors.

The camera quality is, of course, the other side of the coin. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a video camera these days, but you should upgrade from shooting using your smartphone or webcam.

Also, don’t place someone uncomfortable in front of a camera or recording dialogue. No one wants to watch a squirmy, uncomfortable, wavering-voiced person unless it’s cute. Make sure the person who will be the major focus of your movies is confident and relaxed.

Promote YouTube Channel

Other marketing outlets where you already have a following are some of the quickest ways to gain new subscribers! Consider including video links in your emails, embedding them in blog articles, and putting them on other social media platforms.

You may also utilise audience insights to identify micro-communities in your sector and share films with them where appropriate. Start with Facebook groups, Reddit posts, and online forums.

Use Influencers to Your Advantage

Working with influencers is an excellent approach to promote your channel in front of new subscribers. Before picking who to work with, conduct thorough audience research to choose partners with whom you will have a better chance of obtaining engaged and enthusiastic followers.

When working with YouTube influencers, keep in mind that their current audience comes first. The best brand and influencer collaborations — the ones that last and benefit both sides — are those in which brands have faith in the creative process and empower influencers to produce sponsored videos in their style.

Most brands demand a final cut of the video they intend to upload, so you’ll have some say, but don’t try to control the film from beginning to end.

Make Subscriber-Only Gifts and Incentives a Priority.

Subscriber-only incentives and benefits are a great way to thank your subscribers. These can range from a higher percentage of a sponsored item to a personalised swag present from your brand to a free software demo.

One intriguing concept is to bury Easter eggs in your films and award the first five subscribers who correctly guess what they are. Easter eggs can be anything from a word or phrase to a physical object.

Take SEO Seriously

SEO is crucial for YouTube success, even if it isn’t immediately apparent. Like an article, optimise your videos for a YouTube search. Take note of metadata such as your title and description. Perform keyword research, in the same manner, you would for an article, and keep an eye on what your competitors are up to.

From Google’s perspective, “how-to” videos also do exceptionally well. To answer your exact query, Google has begun to provide video results with recommended timestamps.

Your Thumbnails Should Be Updated

Thumbnail optimization is critical for increasing video clickthrough. Consider how your thumbnail relates to the title of your video and how you can make the most of it.

Let’s imagine your video’s title is “the most stunning Oscar wins from the 1990s.” The image in your thumbnail may then depict a scene from a film that people might not normally identify with at the Oscars, enticing them to click to find out more!

To brighten up their thumbnails, many businesses and content creators on YouTube utilise text or visuals. If you’re going to employ text, make sure it’s large enough and written in a readable typeface.

Regular Features Should Be Included

Maintain viewer attention by including frequent features after each video. Bloopers or reciting your favourite comments from the previous video are also good suggestions.

Do you have a lovely pet who keeps interrupting your takes? That’s catnip (pun intended) for many users who have grown tired of YouTube’s highly polished presentation style and other social media platforms. Include the messed-up takes at the end of the video – you could even construct a playlist for others to listen to!

People that watch your films regularly will feel a sense of camaraderie, expectancy, and anticipation as a result of these behaviours. They also boost the prized “watch time” metric, which YouTube adores and significantly weights in its video recommendation algorithm.

Streamline Your Channel

If your channel is unorganised and disjointed, none of the preceding suggestions will assist much. YouTube gives you a lot of options for expanding and engaging your channel. Use playlists to organise and categorise your videos so they’re easier to find. This allows users to quickly determine what they want to watch and whether your channel produces the types of films they’ll enjoy long enough to earn a subscription.

It’s conceivable that the quality of your movies will increase over time. While keeping some earlier movies public and visible is important for continuity, don’t be afraid to remove or mark videos as private if they no longer fit the standards of your more recent work.

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