Media Intelligence: How Big Data Changing the Marketing

Media Intelligence: How Big Data Changing the Marketing

Media Intelligence: How Big Data Changing the Marketing

Because of the way Reddit’s community is constructed, marketers must approach their marketing plan on the network from a community perspective. Reddit may be difficult to master, but it is not impossible to communicate meaningfully with Redditors and obtain customer feedback on your business. Big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are altering organisations in every industry, so, surprisingly, just 31% of businesses claim to be data-driven, despite the obvious benefits of data analytics.

As the volume of digital and consumer data grows, astute marketing teams are using big data insights to improve customer interactions, optimise future marketing initiatives, and understand their competitive landscape.

Because of their emphasis on data-based decision-making, companies at the vanguard of the digital economy such as Amazon, Google, eBay, Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb have experienced enormous success in utilising new data-driven business models to disrupt industries. Big data analytics gives speed, agility, experimentation, iteration, and the capacity to fail fast, learn from experience, and execute smarter to innovative organisations like these, but it brings nothing but fear to others.

Marketing professionals are putting together data-driven marketing strategies that favourably impact the following three major areas with the use of big data tools:

Customer experience

Marketers can utilise big data analytics to learn more about their customers, such as what they like, which channels they use, what influences their decision-making process when they want to be contacted, and so on. A marketer may increase audience targeting, customisation, and consumer engagement by having answers to these questions, which has a favourable influence on retention and loyalty.

Marketing optimization

Big data testing, measurement, and analysis are also important components of marketing optimization. Marketers, for example, can learn where they should spend their money and what types of content and messages are engaging with their target demographic. Data analytics enables marketers to locate the sweet spot more quickly, allowing them to spend less time on trial and error and more time on the areas that deliver the most marketing ROI.

Driving Dexterity

Data mining is the practice of applying data analytics to look for anomalies, trends, and correlations in big data sets in order to anticipate outcomes. Having access to this type of data considerably aids marketing teams in becoming more nimble and cementing their competitive position by allowing them to move ahead of their competitors.

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