Media Intelligence: Using WhatsApp as Marketing Tool

Media Intelligence: Using WhatsApp as Marketing Tool

Media Intelligence: Using WhatsApp as Marketing Tool


The programme, which has about 2 billion users worldwide, allows advertisers to have one-on-one discussions with their customers. Businesses are leveraging the platform to reach customers and improve their online communities for this reason, as well as the increased popularity of conversational marketing through messaging apps.

As previously said, there has been a movement toward messaging apps and dark social, forcing marketers to consider including messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat, LINE, Telegram, and others into their social media marketing strategies.

4 Ways to Use WhatsApp Marketing to Your Advantage


Use it for free: What’s the finest aspect of marketing with personal messaging apps? The majority of them are available for free download and use. Because of the low barrier to entry and ease of usage, brands may start rolling out campaigns nearly immediately after activation.

Excellent Open Rates: You may leave a few emails unopened, but how many of your text messages do you ignore? WhatsApp users open more than 90% of the messages they receive, which is certainly significantly greater than your email newsletter’s open rate. Consider how effective your next marketing effort would be if you had that kind of open rate! You might greatly increase leads and revenue streams by integrating a Call To Action (CTA) component in that campaign.

Personalize Customer Engagement: Text messages are intrinsically more personal than emails, and being able to individually address and reply to customers goes a long way toward developing a loyal following. WhatsApp marketing efforts can be tailored to a specific target population.

Use Multiple Media Formats: You can distribute many sorts of multimedia content using personal messaging apps. Customers can use images of posters, brochures, videos, and links to websites to learn more about new products and services thanks to marketing teams sharing images of posters, brochures, videos, and links to websites.

Despite the restrictions of operating a campaign via a personal messaging app, such as the lack of actual measurements, algorithms, and distribution scope, clients choose messengers because they are personal and ultra-responsive. Businesses can use messaging apps like WhatsApp for Business to market unique services, which can help them develop messaging infrastructures that suit their needs.

Software for WhatsApp Marketing


Although the large number of people who use these personal messaging apps is a significant pull for marketers, there aren’t as many social media management tools that completely handle content scheduling and publication, as well as community management. So, if you’re searching for marketing software to complement your WhatsApp marketing plan, we’ve put together a list of software companies that can help.

Various technology alternatives can help your WhatsApp marketing strategy, including messaging automation, cross-channel communication, mass texting, and campaign analytics. If you don’t want to use the services of one of the company’s partners who is connected to the platform via the WhatsApp Business API.  



A marketing automation platform that also includes lead scoring, social media marketing, landing pages/web forms, and a content hosting platform.


Its platform connects the brand with clients across the messaging features of SMS, WhatsApp, and chat via a single API.


This app can import WhatsApp contacts and has an anti-blocking mechanism to ensure that your messages reach the intended audience.

This full-stack marketing automation software focuses on delivering message campaigns and providing customer assistance through messaging. The programme also keeps track of several parameters that may be used to assess the success of a WhatsApp campaign.


This cloud-based programme facilitates cross-channel communication. Brands may use the platform to send mobile push alerts, in-app chats, and emails.

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