Why Reviews are essential in the customer journey

Why Reviews are essential in the customer journey

Media Intelligence: Why Reviews are essential in the customer journey?


Customer evaluations are all the rage these days, especially among marketers, if you haven’t heard. Online reviews are tied to online reputation, which is an essential component of doing business.

Businesses that respond to reviews at least 25% of the time generate 35% higher revenue (Womply, 2019), and customers spend up to 49% more at firms that respond to reviews (Womply, 2019). All client marketing managers, take note!

Consumers will look for you online, especially on social media, whether you own a B2B SaaS company or a local mom and pop shop.

What Is Customer Experience and How Does It Affect You?


Your client’s perception of your company’s treatment of them is called customer experience. Their perceptions influence their actions and decisions.

According to the Temkin Group, organisations that earn $1 billion per year can expect to earn an additional $700 million in three years if they invest in customer experience. It’s simple to see why businesses are investing in customer experience.

But before you can make your customers like you, you must first get to know them. You can deliver a better experience throughout the consumer journey if you grasp the intricacies of their personality.

It takes time to gather data about your clients; you must first perform research, collect data, and analyse it to know their storey correctly. The good news is that enhancing your client experience will increase revenue, retention, and satisfaction.

What Makes Customer Reviews So Effective?


We’ll start with the obvious: customer evaluations are effective because they come from a genuine person; it’s similar to word-of-mouth marketing, but on the internet. And how individuals connect with a brand can either develop or damage trust.

 People will rely on it to learn about your items; in fact, personal experience is the most valuable source of knowledge. Consumers enjoy submitting evaluations for a variety of reasons.

 The unifying thread is that it demonstrates their client pleasure and experience. Customer reviews impact your bottom line because they empower customers by allowing them to make well-informed decisions.

Customer Experience and Feedback


Before any data is collected, the customer may know what kind of product or service they want. This customer will typically begin their search on a search engine or review site with little or no knowledge of existing brands that fit their requirements.

Companies with reviews will appear in the search results, and your potential customer will gravitate toward them instead of products with no ratings. The next step in their journey could be to visit a brand’s website and social media accounts. If your brand doesn’t have any reviews on these sites, it won’t even be considered for a prospect’s shortlist.

Information Gathering


What is the significance of customer reviews? Because their content includes information from a third party, it is seen as genuine. Existing customers are supposed to be self-aware and devoid of bias and marketing jargon.

Social Validation 


It’s not just about making friends and gaining more Facebook likes on social media. It has the potential to confirm that it has a direct impact on buying decisions. Inquiring about a product or service they’ve already read evaluations can be an excellent method to join or start a conversation.

 It’s not just about going with the flow. It’s also about finding a sense of belonging, seeking acceptance, and even joining a new group based on what your product represents.

Shorter Journey


Customers may cut their journey short at the information collecting or social validation stage if they notice a lot of favourable reviews and go straight to purchase if they see a lot of them.

Similarly, if a person cannot discover relevant independent reviews in Google search results or on a review site, it may delay their decision and push them to pursue other options rather than your business.
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