Why should your company have press coverage

Why should your company have press coverage

Why should your company have press coverage?: Media Intelligence


 Making friends with the media starts with a good press page. It’s your way of saying, “I see you,” “I understand what you’re going through,” and “I’ll make your life as simple as possible.” And I’m the kind of person who is always willing to support. Who cares if I increase my coverage by a factor of two in the meantime? We’ll go over everything you’ll need to make a successful press page down below.

What is the concept of a press page?

Your brand’s public face is your press page. However, unlike other forms of news reporting, you have complete control over the story. It’s the company’s (well-curated) beating heart. 

Journalists, customers, and other Curious Georges go there to get the inside scoop. You make it ridiculously convenient for the world to find your company’s news if you have a strong press page. They should be able to figure out what you do and why you do it in no time.

What’s the point of having a press page?


Consider this scenario: a journalist is considering writing a report about your product. They, like anyone else, want to get the details as soon as possible, without having to go through a lengthy email chain or a never-ending Google quest. 

They are on their way to your press list. They track down everything they need in record time because the press page is so easy to find and use, and the information on it is so straightforward.

They leave with a sense of accomplishment. You’ve only made their lives easier: your website appeared professional, they have a clearer understanding of you in the light of your brand, and they can get back to work. This procedure is well worth the investment.

Inbound Public Relations


Both you and your audience can save time by getting a professional-looking, simple press page that is easily found on a search engine.

Your press page is the anchor that keeps long-term media partnerships together. You will get the news you need without having to go out and find journalists. This is referred to as “inbound PR.” And panache.

Outbound Public Relations


On the other hand, outbound PR is the method of pitching the news to the media. Getting a perfect press page to help your pitch is an essential part of Outbound PR. The media should be directed to your gleaming happy press page via the links included in your campaign.

Consider what you should build or buy


Some of you might be debating whether to create your own press page or purchase one off the shelf. Every company’s decision will be different, depending on the specific circumstances.

 To make the best decision, you must first comprehend the functional specifications of a press page, as well as the associated costs.
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