4 Things That Make Sure Your Marketing Message Is Delivered on Time

4 Things That Make Sure Your Marketing Message Is Delivered on Time

Media Intelligence: 4 Things That Make Sure Your Marketing Message Is Delivered on Time


Marketers are discovering that they need to do more than just create attention-getting and interesting content these days. They must also communicate with customers and prospects at the appropriate time and place.

 Marketers must make the most of the data associated with the plethora of digital and offline channels available to consumers in today data-driven environment.

Understanding which channels best connect your customers and which channels drive ROI is half the battle of delivering a timely marketing message. It can be difficult, but there are techniques to make the process go more smoothly.

Let’s look at four suggestions for getting the correct marketing message to the right person at the right time.

  1. Maintain the relevance and freshness of your content.

Your marketing message must constantly be relevant to your target demographic and where they are in the consumer journey. No one wants to be bombarded with the same old, useless messaging and creativity. Your material, from blog entries and case studies on your website to display ads and social media posts, must be updated regularly. It might be disastrous to send the incorrect message at the wrong time.

We want to feel special as customers. We don’t want to be treated like a number, especially when there are so many possibilities. Instead, we want content that is personalised for each of us and delivered at the proper time.

  1. Content Should Be Coordinated Across All Marketing Channels

Because of technological breakthroughs such as smart devices and the Internet of Things, we now live in a linked world, which necessitates omnichannel marketing to be more united than ever. The customer expects you to communicate with them across a multitude of channels and devices. They also expect you to do it reasonably. Only by connecting all of these touchpoints can you get closer to keeping your marketing message current and relevant.

The best way to ensure your marketing message is timely is to reach consumers across channels and devices at the right time and place.

  1. Customers can be served both online and offline.

The message of marketing does not end with digital. Customers will contact your company. Especially if they’re shopping online on their phone and can’t locate what they’re looking for or have a question. Converting from a smartphone to a landline is significantly easier. If you want people to call your business, make sure your adverts are up to date. 

Contextual call routing is another approach to make marketing appear timelier. You can easily create a tailored experience for your customers by routing their calls to the agent best suited to their needs. It’s possible to prevent bouncing callers from agent to agent, asking them to repeat themselves.



  1. Measure the Correct Information

Consumers nowadays are highly connected, well-informed, and mobile. It will be difficult, but not impossible, to figure out where and when to best contact them while also optimising your marketing expenditure.

Consumers interact with products and services through a variety of digital and physical venues. Your omnichannel marketing will need to link the consumer across all of these platforms smoothly, which will only be achievable if you bridge the data gap along their multiple purchase channels. The more data you have, the better you’ll be able to recognise the flaws in your marketing approach and precisely calculate your ROI.
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