4 Ways to Create an Emotional Connection with Your Audience

4 Ways to Create an Emotional Connection with Your Audience

Media Intelligence: 4 Ways to Create an Emotional Connection with Your Audience


Many businesses are having trouble managing their social media activity. However, being active and posting frequently isn’t enough to establish a connection with your target audience. The most successful brands use emotive content on social media to stand out from the crowd and engage their audiences. 

Even then, attracting an audience to not just read what you’re writing but also to take action by commenting and sharing it can be a challenge. If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to developing compelling content, employing tried and true psychology-related ideas is a good place to start.

  1. Images elicit responses from viewers.

Remember the power of imagery. A powerful image serves as the entrance to your material; it must entice the reader in and leave a lasting impression. When readers are reading through their social news feeds, a striking image will attract their attention. Coca-Cola hits the checks for relevancy, brand messaging, and classic images in this image of burgers and Cokes to generate appeal.

  1. The conversation is what keeps people interested.

Asking for a dialogue with your audience is the best way to start one. Write pieces that elicit curiosity by posing a question. Humans are wired to respond to questions like who, when, what, why, where, and how, so framing some of your social media postings as questions might help you generate continuing dialogue.

Prepare to engage in a healthy back-and-forth with your readers now that you’ve asked a question. Find out what they’re looking for and provide it to them. Readers will remember their positive interactions with your brand and will engage again the next time you appear in their news feed. They will trust you because you provided them with a look into your brand’s personality.

  1. Emotions are what binds us together.

You are continually conveying emotion in your postings, whether you are conscious of it or not, and generating a response from your readers. To make the most of this occasion, strive to spread positive news and information. Ask yourself, as you’re writing a post, what feeling it conveys.

 Make sure you don’t come across as bored, anxious, or irritable. Instead, depict your brand as upbeat, kind, and generous; this will generate positive sentiment and bring people to your postings. Oreo has a history of doing this successfully; all of its social media posts portray a lighthearted and enjoyable brand.

  1. Color Aids Communication

Selecting a color scheme with care can help your business stand out and have a psychological impact on readers. Choose colors that are associated with your brand before you begin sharing information on social media. In the absence of any other visual clues, you’ll want a color palette that shouts your brand.
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